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To discuss any issues related to timber flooring or to arrange a FREE 'on-site' quotation, please contact us on one of the following phone numbers or via email by simply clicking on the blue link below. We can also provide you with an 'off-the-plan' estimate if an 'on-site' quotation is not possible. To receive an 'off-the-plan' estimate please fax or email us a copy of your plan with the proposed timber areas clearly marked. To complete this estimate we will also require the following information: species, size and grade of the timber; type of subfloor; plan scale 1 : ?; the types of adjoining floor coverings if any; and the scope of the required services. Please note that an 'off-the-plan' estimate is subject to an 'on-site' inspection prior to its acceptance and the commencement of any work.

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